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Risk Management

  • DIC Materials, Inc. faces risks in conducting its business. Effectively managing those risks is crucial to maximizing shareholder value and to delivering our business strategy and plans in accordance with the
  • DIC Materials Way. We will manage our risks through a structured enterprise risk management framework which is fully integrated with our business activities and decision making processes.
  • The key elements of this framework are:

    • Evaluating whether the level of risk being accepted is consistent with levels of risk approved by the DIC Material Management Committee;

    • Implementing systems and processes for the consistent identification and analysis of risks, existing controls and control effectiveness.

    • Involving all DIC Material employees and relevant stakeholders in managing risks and communicating identified key risks and controls;

    • Understanding the internal and external business environment and the effect this has on our business strategy and plans. This will inform DIC Material’s overall tolerance to risk;

    • Using innovative and creative thinking in responding to risks and taking action where it is determined that the company is being exposed to unacceptable levels of risk; and

    • Regularly monitoring and reviewing our risk management framework, our risks and key controls.

  • Annual oversight of the effectiveness of our risk management framework is the responsibility of the Audit Committee, on behalf of the Board. By recognizing that risks are inherent in our business and by effectively monitoring and managing those risks, we will be able to prevent harm, take bold decisions and create value for DIC Material’s stakeholders. DIC Material will ensure that appropriate resources are available to ensure that this policy is implemented.

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