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Tantalie Mining

Specification: 60% to 80% Ta2O3

Available at: DIC Materials’ Abuja / Nassarawa Deposit

Area of Deposit: 42 Cadastre or 945 Hectares

Size of Deposit: 2 Million Metric Tons (Inferred)

Uses of Tantalum. Tantalum is used in the electronics industry for capacitors and high power resistors. It is also used to make alloys to increase strength, ductility and corrosion resistance. The metal is used in dental and surgical instruments and implants, as it causes no immune response. Its alloys are used in the manufacturing of naval ships, spacecraft, missiles and aircraft, with around two thirds of all titanium metal produced is used in aircraft engines and frames.

Other Uses: Titanium's strength-to-weight superiority has seen the metal used as a component in many other products in recent times including, laptops, firearms, tennis rackets, golf clubs, lacrosse sticks, football helmet grills, bicycles frames, camping cookware and utensils. The very bright and refractive white pigment that is used in paints, plastics, toothpaste, sunscreens, sports equipment and paper.

Also now popular in designer rings and other jewelry due to its durability, its resistance to seawater and chlorine in swimming pools and as it is non-toxic.

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